Empowering Birth Class

(Formerly known as ”Lamaze Class / Profylax course in English)

Price: 1245 kr/delegate

This very popular Empowering Birth Class will give you practical tools and gained knowledge about labour and birth. The tools aim to help facilitate the birth of your child and to enhance the chance of having a positive birth experience.

With the guidance from a skilled midwife you and your partner will get a FANTASTIC preparation for the birth of your child.

We practice breathing and relaxation – with the aim for you to find your most relaxing and soothing breath, walk you through the stages of labour and work with how to mentally prepare. Besides this we will help the partner become the best possible support for the woman during the process of bringing a new child into this world.

The class is designed by senior midwifes, based on in-depth knowledge and on current scientific research about labour and birth.

We sincerely advise that you attend the course with the person that will be your birth partner.

We recommend that you take this class from pregnancy week 25.

Class is 6 hours in total. If you attend the class that runs during one full day there will be a one hour lunch brake around 1-2 pm.

There is always room for questions.

This course is entitled for “Friskvårdsbidrag”, you can deduct the amount of the course price per person if you attend the class that runs during 2 separate days.
If you attend the class that is running during one full day 1000kr is eligible to deduct per person due to Skattverkets rules.