Outdoor Pregnancy Training

Outdoor Pregnancy Training Booking

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Babygruppen’s outdoor workouts, in cooperation with Mom in Balance, helps you feel strong, energetic and in shape throughout your pregnancy

Our Pregnant workouts help you with this and are suitable for all pregnant women, regardless of your sport background or physical health. The workouts are tailored to your pregnant body and have been developed in cooperation with gynaecologists and pelvic floor specialists. You will always train under the guidance of a professional trainer, so that you can work on improving your physical fitness and strength in a responsible way. 

To get more info about our outdoor workouts check out the Pregnant Workout Video.

The workouts are held year-round regardless of the weather! Come train with us in Humlegården, Bromma & Danderyd.

Danderyd: Stocksund
Mondays 10.00
Wednesdays 09.30

Bromma: Ålstensängen
Mondays 10.00
Tuesdays 18.30 
Thursdays 10.00

Tuesdays 10.15
Wednesdays 18.00
Fridays 10.15
Sundays 10.00

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Joining the Outdoor Pregnancy workouts costs 549 SEK per month. This includes:

Do you want to workout more than once a week? Then you can subscribe for our Unlimited membership, costing 679 SEK per month.

Babygruppens money back guarante is not eligible for this membership. The Preglife price reduction is not eligible for this membership.

Mom in Balance offers outdoor workouts especially adapted for pregnant women and postpartum workouts for a fast recovery after birth, but also challenging total body workouts for all women who want to be fit and in shape. Mom in Balance has ten years of experience in outdoor workouts for moms (to-be), and has trained more than 45.000 women. A team of professionals internally educates the trainers and all workouts are developed in cooperation with gynecologists and physical therapists. Mom in Balance can be found in almost all parks in the Netherlands, and also in many different locations around the world; including Sweden.