Online New Mom Core Strength

Price: 1450 kr

A fun and safe way to reconnect with your core strength after pregnancy and birth in the safety of your own home! This is a full body workout class with focus on building up your core strength again from the inside and out. It is a great class to start with on your journey back to whichever form of movement you desire, to minimize the risk for injuries.

Your baby is next to you on a yogamat / blanket or in your arms during some exercises to add more load (or simply because cuddles are required). 

We strongly recommend that you start no earlier than 6 weeks after birth, longer if you have had a c-section, and once you’ve had your post-birth check-up. Don’t hesitate to reach out to us if you have any questions, as our in-house midwife is happy to advise you.

The course is 5 sessions, each 60 minutes long, and are led by Linnéa Mitchell who has a real passion for helping new moms feeling strong and confident again. Missed classes can be made up for in another course; send an email to us at and we will help you.