Pelvic Floor Recovery Program

Price: 1484 kr

This program is designed for all mothers at any stage post partum who want to strengthen their Pelvic Floor after pregnancy and birth in a safe and effective way. This is also regardless of the type of birth you endured, pregnancy alone puts strain on the pelvic floor and weakens the muscles!

We know that exercising our muscles and keeping fit and healthy is so important for our physical and mental wellbeing. But what about the muscles we can’t see, like our pelvic floor muscles? Just because we can’t see them, doesn’t mean we shouldn’t be exercising them. They’re like every other muscle in our body, if we don’t work on them, they become weakened and don’t do their job properly. 

Please come to the studio in workout clothes, something comfortable you can move your body in. Trainers are not necessary. Arrive around 5 minutes prior to the start time to set yourself and baby up ready for class. Strollers can be placed in the backyard, bring your own lock.

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The pelvic floor muscles are a supportive sling of muscles, stretching from the tailbone at the back to the pubic bone at the front. They are responsible for:

-supporting the pelvic organs – the bladder, bowel and womb, especially when standing; they also help protect these from external damage

-a role in sexual function during intercourse

There are lots of common symptoms of a weakened pelvic floor that women could suffer from:

-Leaking urine with activity, for example during running, jumping, coughing and sneezing

-A sudden and urgent need to pass urine

-Leakage of stool from the back passage

-Decreased satisfaction during sexual intercourse

By attending this course, over 5 sessions you will:

-Understand how to correctly engage your pelvic floor

-Learn new exercises to strengthen your pelvic floor on a deep level

-Try progression exercises to continue strengthening your pelvic floor after the course is complete

-Understand what is a ‘Diastasis Recti’?

-Learn exercises to improve diastasis recti through overall posture improvement and correct core engagement

We will also give you a 4-week pelvic floor training program at the end of the course!