Mum & Baby Exercise with Group Coaching

Price: 1749 kr

20% introduction discount, use discount code ”Coaching 2020”.

Helping mums to create the happiest and healthiest versions of themselves in a supportive community of women!

A safe space to communicate where mum-guilt is not allowed! We meet every Tuesday for 5 weeks, the exercises are all safe for ladies that have given birth naturally or via c-section. Each session of 90 minute is a mixture of cardio and strength and will be tailored and designed to include the following:

– Guidance on key post-natal exercises from a pre/post-natal personal trainer to help build a strong body and core for day to day activities and any specific fitness goals.

– Develop goals and aspirations for the future within a likeminded community who hold you accountable to your dreams.

– Expert nutritional information on how to eat healthily, easily and stress- free for both mother and baby.

– Emotional and mental support as you adjust to motherhood.

– Your baby is next to you on a yogamat/blanket or in your arms during some exercises to add more load (or simply because cuddles are required). 

We strongly recommend that you start no earlier than 6 weeks after birth, longer if you have had a c-section, and once you’ve had your post-birth check-up with your midwife. Don´t hesitate to reach out to us if you have any questions, as our in-house midwife is happy to advise you.

Missed classes can be made up for in another course; send an email to us at and we will help you.

The stroller can be locked outside the studio, remember to bring a lock! It is also nice to bring your own blanket of choice to place your baby on. All other things needed to workout (props) are provided for at the studio.

This inspirational workshop is lead by Kirsty who is an Integrative Health Coach and the founder of Got Vitality. She is also a qualified Personal Trainer, Pre/Post Natal specialist, Wife, Mother and Triathlon junkie. She passionate about empowering women to find balance in all areas of their life, from nutrition and fitness, to career, spirituality, health and joy. And proud to say that all of her clients revolutionize their health on so many levels and find their own path through the grey haze of everyday life.

She has spent a lot of her life struggling with sugar addiction, body image issues, lack of self-esteem and volatile levels of stress. After becoming a mother with all of the twists and turns of that emotional roller-coaster she finally discovered a path for a healthier life, with a genuine love of nutrition, reduced stress and self-confidence she never knew existed within and is now passing that knowledge forward.